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The Most Humane Animal Care

New England Ovis (NEO) has established a unique sheep flock that is free of an unprecedented number of disease-producing agents also known as pathogens. NEOís Specific Pathogen Free* (SPF) sheep flock is validated-free of over 30 pathogens, including pneumonia-producing agents and intestinal worms, and maintained to prevent introduction of pathogens. Rigorous biosecurity precautions are in place to prevent cross-contact between NEO SPF sheep and conventional sheep and other animals, especially ruminants. Any new outside additions to the flock must come in via Caesarian delivery or embryo transfer in conjunction with disease screening and isolation. Personnel and visitors must follow a strict biosecurity protocol to enter the facility. Ongoing routine surveillance using visual inspection, serology, microbiology, parasitology, PCR testing, necropsy and histopathology is conducted to document the absence of a wide spectrum of diseases in this truly closed flock.

This endeavor has resulted in the healthiest sheep in the world. Research is no longer impeded by nonexperimental subclinical or clinical contagious disease processes. Acclimation periods are shortened and quarantine is not necessary. Animals that donít get sick are spared the distress associated with illness. NEO SPF sheep save precious time and valuable resources. Costs associated with contagious disease surveillance, control, diagnosis and treatment as well as time spent by professionals and staff required to deal with these issues are no longer incurred. The elimination of zoonotic agents makes a safer workplace. Well-socialized NEO SPF sheep are safer and more enjoyable with which to work. We believe that NEO SPF sheep, free of contagious diseases, in conjunction with our sheep socialization program results in the most humane animal care of small ruminants available today.