What We Provide

Our Flock

Never before have sheep at this level of quality been available. The NEO SPF brood flock of Polypay, Finn and Polypay x Finn ewes are bred monthly to provide young lambs throughout the year. We have healthy, well-acclimated females (ewes), males (rams) and neutered males (wethers) of all ages and weights. Most sheep and lambs are available on a weekly basis. Routine animal preparation includes individual animal identification, vaccination, shearing, hoof trimming, and health certification for transport (health papers).

Additional Services

Our goal is to provide you with the healthiest animals available in order for you to achieve your study goals. If there is something you need or have questions concerning, please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with the very best service. Not all special requests result in additional fees. Our breeding program is designed to have all sizes and sexes of sheep and lambs available on a year-round basis. Sheep products and tissues, time-dated pregnancies, pre-weaned lambs, intact males, as well as additional animal testing may require additonal lead time. Rush orders may be filled in less than 48 hours when animals are available. Other services, including sheep veterinary consultation, may be available upon request. We are currently developing a gene-knockout model process for NEO SPF sheep.