The Passion of NEO

Human and Animal Well-being

The refinement of using NEO’s exceptionally healthy sheep reduces the numbers of animals required for research. NEO SPF animals have a lower morbidity and mortality and are spared the distress of illness, diagnosis and treatment associated with contagious disease. Animals that do not experience illness are less stressed.

NEO SPF Sheep are tame due to increased handling, preconditioning and the innate calm nature of the breeds. Sheep free of zoonotic diseases reduce workplace hazards to investigators, veterinarians, and animal caretakers. These factors result in the most safe and pleasant work environment possible.

NEO is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals and safety of people through education. NEO veterinary and animal care staff conduct training workshops for the proper care and handling of sheep and lambs. A variety of groups have taken advantage of this opportunity including post-graduate veterinarians in Laboratory Animal Medicine at the Massachusetts Institue of Technology Division of Comparitive Medicine in Cambridge, MA, undergraduate students in the College of Life Science and Agriculture at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH and students of the Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole, MA.